Experienced full-service CRO with more than 20 successful years in various indications in clinical research

Hospital-based and stand-alone Clinical Pharmacology Units for highly standardized phase I/II trials in healthy subjects and patients

Full-service CRO activities also for later development phases including multi-centre, multinational phase III/IV studies

Excellent patient recruitment capabilities via hospital and referral network

project management | clinical study conduct | medical writing | data management | biostatistics | pharmacokinetics | monitoring | quality assurance | scientific advice meetings | clinical development program consultancy

Europe’s niche experts for women’s health studies for almost 30 years, internationally well-known in gynaecological drug development

Specialized outpatient investigational site in Berlin with in-house gynaecologists

Experienced and equipped to handle complex proof-of-concept and dose-finding studies in monocentric setting

Fast recruitment via reliable access to large populations of healthy volunteers

clinical conduct | transvaginal ultrasonography | endometrial biopsy | cervical smear | vaginal smear | cervical mucus evaluation | IUD insertion / removal | scientific consultancy